Organize a fundraiser

Want to organize a fundraiser to support patients and medical teams of the Montreal General Hospital? Amazing! You have two options:

Fundraise as an Individual.
If you would like to raise funds using only one page, this option is for you, whether you plan on fundraising alone or as a team! If for example:

Look no further, individual fundraising is the option for you.  

Create an individual fundraiser

Fundraise as a Team.
If you want to organize a fundraiser to which other people can officially register to raise funds themselves, this is a preferable option. When organizing a group fundraiser, you will first need to create a page dedicated to your initiative and stating your overall goal. Different participants will then be able to join, create their own personal fundraising page and start their own fundraising to help you reach your overall goal. This option is ideal for:  

Create a group fundraiser

If you would rather join an existing event already listed on our website, please click here.