Episode 5: The Role of Philanthropy

This series is organized in collaboration with the McGill University Health Centre and the MGH 200th Anniversary Organizing Committee.

February 22, 2022 at 4:30 pm / Online event

The Montreal General Hospital has survived and thrived thanks to two centuries of community support - from donations of time and money from the community, to major fundraising efforts by some of Montreal's most illustrious families.

In particular, the MGH has been able to count on the support of the Molson family over a period that now includes seven generations. It was John Molson Sr. who, in 1818, presented the first argument for a public hospital to the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada. This led to the construction of the first Montreal General Hospital in 1821. Funnily enough, the new MGH (current site) was built in 1953 from many of the same materials as the Molson brewery, including the exterior brick. The Molson family was also instrumental in the creation of the Montreal General Hospital Foundation in 1973.

Most recently, the Montreal General Hospital Foundation launched the most ambitious campaign of its existence. Launched in 2018, the CODE LiFE campaign represents the MGH Foundation's commitment to supporting vital care for the entire community.
To reach its $100M goal, the Foundation was able to count on the help of a strong campaign cabinet co-chaired by André Desmarais, France Chrétien-Desmarais, Andrew Molson, and David McAusland. The cabinet included Gregory Charles, Yvan Cournoyer, François-Xavier Seigneur, Vincenzo Ciampi, Kim Anderson, Jacques Chamberlain, Mark Smith, Gail Jarislowsky, Richard Cherney, and Brenda Gewurz.

For this episode, we have gathered three guests with exceptional backgrounds who all have one goal in common: to support the medicine of the future for all Quebecers. This support is in large part philanthropic, today even more so than ever.
Kim Anderson, Andrew Molson and Jean-Guy Gourdeau will discuss the importance of philanthropy and its challenges with host Annie DeMelt.

Andrew Molson
Kim Anderson
Jena-Guy Gourdeau