Episode 4: The Evolution and Challenges of Mental Health Care

This series is organized in collaboration with the McGill University Health Centre and the MGH 200th Anniversary Organizing Committee.

January 25, 2022 at 4:30 pm / Online event

Prior to 1946, the treatment of psychiatric disorders at the MGH fell under the umbrella of the Department of Neurology. Modern psychiatric treatment was established at the MGH in the direct aftermath of WWII, which had highlighted the prevalence of psychiatric issues among the general population. Today, the Mental Health Mission is a wide-ranging, multifaceted service that reflects current-day understandings of the mental health spectrum and its complexities.

We reunited three amazing professionals to discuss the evolution and challenges of mental health care in today’s world: Dr. Karine J. Igartua, Dr. Howard Margolese and Maryse Godin.

Dr. Karine J. Igartua
Dr. Howard Margolese
Maryse Godin

Our CODE LIFE INTERVIEWS are hosted by former CTV news anchor Annie DeMelt.